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Man high on meth during hammer attacks, report says

Nicole Thompson had to have surgery for her injuries.

LAS VEGAS -- A man who is facing numerous counts of attempted murder -- for attacking people with a hammer -- was high on methamphetamine, a police report said.

Damien Robins, 37, is accused of attacking several people in Boulder City and Henderson on Friday evening.

Robins' wife told police that he has an addiction to meth and would disappear for days at a time if he was high. He also had been fired from his job the day before the attacks.

His wife said he had disappeared a few days prior to the attack but contacted her and asked if he could visit her on Friday. When he stopped by the home, the woman told police she could tell Robbins was on meth and he told her he wanted to "kill and burn (her) body." Robbins would not allow his wife to leave the house, the report said.

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Man with sledgehammer attacks 10

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Henderson Police said the number of people attacked by a man wielding a one-handed sledgehammer has grown to 10 after a bizarre attacking spree on Friday. Police said a few more people came forward and claimed 31-year-old Damien Robins attacked them.

Robins was arrested late Friday evening by Henderson Police, but police say he's also accused of attacking people in  nearby Boulder City.

Officers say the attacks spanned an hour and began in Boulder City around 8 p.m. Friday when Robins allegedly ran another driver off the road on U.S. 93. Robins reportedly struck the man several times with a sledgehammer before driving away.

A short time later, officers said Robins ran another driver off of the roadway and also attacked that driver.

Police said Robins then drove to Henderson, cut off a driver at Greenway Road and Horizon Drive, and then went after him with the sledgehammer. 

Remains at Lake Mead identified as missing woman

LAS VEGAS -- Remains found at Lake Mead a week ago have been identified as a woman who was reported missing in June after going for a hike.

Red Rock Search and Rescue said the remains are those of Christina Montes, 35, who was last seen alive on June 3, 2014. Montes told her family she was going hiking to the Arizona Hot Springs at Lake Mead with her 62-year-old friend James Edward Johnson. His body was found in the area on June 5.

The search for Montes ended June 13. Her remains were found last week by kayakers.

Park service warning of Swimmer's Itch at Lake Mead

Park service warning of Swimmer's Itch at Lake Mead

The Lake Mead Recreation Area is warning people about the potential for Swimmer’s Itch at the lake.

Swimmer’s Itch is caused by a parasite that produces eggs that are passed in the droppings of waterfowl that flock to the lake during migration season. The larvae can be in the water, and when they contact humans, they will burrow into swimmer’s skin.

The contact causes an allergic reaction which results in a rash and severe itchy skin. It usually does not require medical attention. The larvae do not actually develop under a person’s skin but die off quickly.  

The park service is reminding people to not swim in areas with an abundance of birds or where there are a lot of bird droppings. For people who do choose to swim, experts advise toweling off vigorously and rinsing off as soon as possible.

If a person does develop the rash, an anti-itch lotion or corticosteroid cream can be used to ease the discomfort.

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The Pumpkinman Triathlon returns Saturday

The Pumpkinman Triathlon returns Saturday

The Pumpkinman Triathlon returns to Lake Mead this weekend.

About 1,400 athletes will race through the recreation area Saturday. The swim portion of the race takes place at Boulder Beach.

The athletes will then bike along Lakeshore Road for 12.4 miles. The final leg is a 5K race through the streets of Boulder City.

Visitors to the lake may experience delays. Drivers should be cautious passing cyclists.

The transition points and race day check-in starts at 5 a.m. and the course will close at 2 p.m.

For more information about the event, including interactive maps of the routes racers will take, go to http://bbsctri.com/pumpkinman.


Bypass meeting address asbestos concerns

Work will start next spring on the Boulder City Bypass Project.

The project is part of the larger Interstate-11 plan to construct an interstate connecting Las Vegas to Phoenix. 

Tuesday night, project leaders had a public meeting in Boulder City to talk about how to keep the community safe from naturally occurring asbestos in the construction site.

Traces of asbestos were discovered in the area last year. Scientists say being exposed to asbestos has the potential to impact health, but project leaders say they have a plan to handle it.

“Heavy watering is probably the main, main focus to suppress the dust but the Department of Quality the dust control permits they have are very strict and stringent measures anyways,” senior project manager Tony Lorenzi said.

The bypass will be a 15-mile loop around the city.

2 sets of human remains found, Lake Mead and Lake Mohave

LAKE MEAD, Nev. -- Two sets of human remains were found in the Lake Mead Recreational area and Lake Mohave, that's according to Christie Vanover of the National Park Service.

They both were found Saturday in different areas and at different times. 

Vanover said the skeletal remains found at Lake Mohave were found by kayakers around 12:15 p.m., and at 3:45 p.m., a boater found the remains at Lake Mead in an area called Stewarts Point Cove. The National Park Service says this area is only accessible by way of boat.

Vanover said they have Park Rangers investigating both scenes. The Clark County Medical Examiner was also called out to the scenes.

Vanover said, three people have been missing for awhile from the Lake Mead Recreational area. Two went missing from Lake Mead back in February.