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Hoover Dam Marks 75th Anniversary | News

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Hoover Dam Marks 75th Anniversary

LAS VEGAS -- The tallest concrete dam in the western hemisphere is celebrating a big anniversary. Hoover Dam was dedicated 75 years ago on September 30, 1935.

In honor of the anniversary, a ceremony was held in the exact spot where President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his dedication speech.

The dam was the largest man-made structure in the history of mankind kind when it was built.

Bill Schermerhorn, with the Bureau of Reclamation says Hoover Dam is 10-percent bigger than the largest pyramid in Egypt.

"It's absolutely amazing. I mean, this has never been done before. Nobody was real sure if it would work and here we are 75 years later and the dam is virtually in the same condition as it was placed," said Schermerhorn.

A dedication ceremony took place in honor of the dam's 75 year anniversary. It was built to provide flood control and water to several states.

Although it does generate electricity to 1.3 million people, electricity is just a by-product of what the dam was originally built to do.

The structure is filled with 6.6 million tons of concrete. To give you an idea of how much that is, if you wanted to build a sidewalk about four feet wide, it would circle the entire globe at the equator.

Eighty-nine-year-old Leonard Stubbs was just 14-years-old when the dam was finished. He stood only a few feet away from President Roosevelt during his dedication speech.

He delivered 25 cent hams to all the construction workers and remembers their conversations like it was yesterday.

"Their main thing was how difficult the work was and how they had to let down on lines and get rocks moved," he said.

Ninety-six workers lost their lives building the Hoover Dam. There is a plaque near the visitor's center in honor of all of them.

To commemorate the 75 year anniversary of the dam, the visitor's center is cutting their admission price to $7.50. Plus, there will be limited edition envelopes, coins and postmarks for your postcards for the next four days.


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