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More than $19 Million in Unclaimed Tax Refunds

LAS VEGAS -- The IRS has more than $19 million in unclaimed refunds for Nevada taxpayers and the deadline to claim the money is nearing.

According to the IRS, the refunds are for people who did not file a tax return for 2006. The owed money equates to a median refund of about $575 for 19,000 taxpayers.

"There is about $19 million for about 19,400 Nevadans. The window of opportunity to claim this money is about to expire and they really need to act," said Jesse Weller, IRS.

To collect the money, a 2006 tax return must be filed by April 15, 2010.

"Why should I just let it go to the IRS?" said Steven Hansen a taxpayer who made the mistake of doing that once before. He's learned his lesson, and today it's a much different story.

"That could've been money for anything medical bills, even my rent."

85 Guns Belonging to Constable Confiscated

BOULDER CITY, Nev. -- Boulder City police say they confiscated 85 guns from the home, storage areas and office of Chief Constable Larry Markotay. Also, drug paraphernalia and two dozen badges, including a Boulder City police captain's badge were seized.

Markotay was arrested on February 22 for DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident. At that time, police discovered guns in his vehicle that had been reported stolen.

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Markotay is now facing several felonies including burglary while in a possession of a firearm. He has held his position of Chief Constable for 12 years. In his position, he is permitted to order firearms for law enforcement use. Police say there were no detailed records of such transactions.

The DEA and the ATF were also involved in the execution of the search warrants.

Chief Constable Arrested for Burglary

BOULDER CITY, Nev. -- Boulder City detectives have arrested Chief Constable Larry Markotay and charged him with several felonies including burglary while in possession of a firearm.

Markotay who has served 12 years in his position was arrested at his home. He had been out on bail since his February 22 arrest for DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident.

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Lt. Dan Jennings with the Boulder Police Department says officers found several weapons in Markotay's car during the DUI arrest. Those weapons were connected to the victim of a recent burglary.

Boulder City Constable Arrested for DUI

BOULDER CITY, Nev. -- Boulder City police have arrested Larry Markotay, the Chief Constable for Boulder City, for leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police say a citizen called 911 last night reporting a car had struck a light pole and the driver fled the area on foot.

When police arrived, they noticed the car was the duty-vehicle belonging to Constable Markotay.

Officers later located Markotay at a nearby home. He was arrested after failing field sobriety tests.

He was booked into the Henderson County Jail until he could appear before a judge.

Process Server Linked to Second Murder Case

LAS VEGAS -- A process server who was arrested in the murder and attempted murder of a Las Vegas couple is now facing more charges.

Police say Gregory Hover will be charged with the kidnapping and murder of  21-year-old Prisma Contreras. Her burned body was found in her Jeep in a desert area near U.S. 95 and the Nelson Landing Road south of Boulder City on Jan. 15th. Contreras had been reported missing the day before. She was a waitress at Hooters Hotel and Casino.

Richard Freeman, who police say is an accomplice, is also facing charges.

Captain Randy Montandan with Metro said that these two men abducted Contreras from her from her place of employment, kept her for a substantial period of time, and subjected her to horrific events before strangling and stabbing her to death.