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New Green Technology Developed in Boulder City | Employment / Jobs

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New Green Technology Developed in Boulder City
New Green Technology Developed in Boulder City

A Boulder City man showed off Thursday what he calls revolutionary green technology.

Richard Steinke has created a wind energy system that he says produces more power with less noise and fewer problems. His company, Wind Sail Receptor, will be producing wind energy systems with polyurethane blades which he says cut down on noise and suffer less damage.

"The existing technology with three blades was inappropriate, not the proper design nor the materials of the blades.  So, I went forward and came up with more of the idea of a wind sail type design," Richard Steinke said.

During a demonstration Thursday, the WSR-6 system was mounted to the bed of a two-ton truck to show that in a 45-mile-an-hour wind the generation system produces 6,000 watts of power. Traditional windmills of similar size produce just 1,000 watts of power in the same wind speed.

Steinke‚Äôs company has plans to build a wind sail production facility over the next four to five months. Wind Sail Receptor is expected to employ about 100 people. 

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