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Can this be Recycled?


Boulder City is joining a growing number of cities that are making recycling easier, which is helping a growing industry.

Boulder City was "green" before it was cool.

It has been known as "Clean, Green Boulder City" among its residents for a while now. Read the websites of the local city government or chamber of commerce and the slogan is there somewhere, in its full glory, or portions of it dropped into the text like tiny sighs - a "clean" here, a "green" there.

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Record Rain Brings Rare Bloom in Southern Nevada


Long-dormant desert blooms are making a rare appearance thanks to recent rains.

They happen regularly in the wetter Sonoran Desert, but monsoon blooms in the northern Mojave are as rare as, well, rain.

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Climate Change Challenges Power Plant Operations

Climate Change Challenges Power Plant Operations

An increase in temperatures and a drop in snow pack is causing continuing trouble for hydroelectric power, including at Hoover Dam.

BOULDER CITY, NEV. — Drought and rising temperatures are forcing water managers across the country to scramble for ways to produce the same amount of power from the hydroelectric grid with less water, including from behemoths such as the Hoover Dam.

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Lake Mead Surprises Focus of Thursday Lecture

Lake Mead Surprises Focus of Thursday Lecture

Lake Mead is a vast lake in the middle of the driest desert in the country. It is a contradiction not lost on the people who work at the lake.

People are invited to learn more about Lake Mead National Recreation Area during the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association’s Third Thursday Lecture Series. A park ranger will speak about the lake, highlighting surprises about the lake most people do not know about.

The lecture is 6 p.m. Thursday, at the Segerblom Theatre in the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum, 1305 Arizona Street. Light refreshments will follow the lecture.

The Third Thursday Lecture Series was started in 2009 as a way to provide cultural and educational programs to Boulder City.

Geologist: Snow Runoff Could be Cause of Quakes at Lake Mead

The extra water in Lake Mead is just one explanation for the increased number of earthquakes in the area. 

All that Colorado snow runoff that poured into Lake Mead last spring and summer may have done more than raise the water level. It may have triggered the earth to quake beneath the lake.

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New Green Technology Developed in Boulder City

New Green Technology Developed in Boulder City

A Boulder City man showed off Thursday what he calls revolutionary green technology.

Richard Steinke has created a wind energy system that he says produces more power with less noise and fewer problems. His company, Wind Sail Receptor, will be producing wind energy systems with polyurethane blades which he says cut down on noise and suffer less damage.

"The existing technology with three blades was inappropriate, not the proper design nor the materials of the blades.  So, I went forward and came up with more of the idea of a wind sail type design," Richard Steinke said.

During a demonstration Thursday, the WSR-6 system was mounted to the bed of a two-ton truck to show that in a 45-mile-an-hour wind the generation system produces 6,000 watts of power. Traditional windmills of similar size produce just 1,000 watts of power in the same wind speed.

Partnership Wins Bid to Build Solar Power Project

Plans have been announced for a huge solar power project in Boulder City.

Korea Midland Power Co., a unit of South Korea’s biggest power company, and Posco Engineering Co. won an auction to build and operate a $1 billion solar project in the U.S.

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