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Boulder City Below State Average for Foreclosures

Boulder City Below State Average for Foreclosures

New numbers from the foreclosure tracking website RealtyTrac show the number of foreclosures in Nevada has dropped. The numbers also show Boulder City is still below the state average for foreclosures.

Nevada now has the sixth highest foreclosure rate in the nation, after being number one in foreclosures for several months.

One in every 415 properties in Nevada saw some sort of foreclosure filing in July. According to RealtyTrac, one in every 506 properties in the 89005 zip code received some kind of foreclosure filing in July.

Nevada’s rate of foreclosure filings have slowed dramatically since a state law went into effect, which requires more paperwork to launch a foreclosure.

California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Illinois are now above Nevada for foreclosure rates.

Boulder City Not Following Foreclosure Trend

Boulder City Not Following Foreclosure Trend

Boulder City seems to be bucking the statewide trend when it comes to foreclosure filings.

New numbers released Thursday by the foreclosure tracking firm, RealtyTrac Inc., show that only one in every 264 homes in Boulder City received a foreclosure filing in August. In all of Clark County, the number was one in every 103 homes. In Henderson, the number was one in every 75 homes.

Nevada still leads the nation, with one in every 118 households receiving a foreclosure-related notice last month.

Foreclosures bring down home values and make it less likely that home buyers will buy because of fears that prices will continue to drop. Experts agree that until the glut of foreclosures are taken off the market, the housing industry will continue to founder.

WATCH: The Arts Take Center Stage

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas is transforming into a cultural mecca, and this weekend, 8 News NOW takea you inside as the arts take center stage.

From the new Smith Center for Performing Arts, to the Neon Boneyard and Arts District, Las Vegas is doing more with arts and theater than ever before.

8 News NOW and our Community Pride sponsors will be the first to take you through the new buildings and give you a sneak peak at what's to come in the next year in our special.

Boulder City Offers Help for Distressed Homeowners

Boulder City Offers Help for Distressed Homeowners

Boulder City is offering free help for homeowners worried about losing their homes. The city is holding a workshop for distressed homeowners on Wednesday, March 16th from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. Panelists will give information on fraud prevention, tax liabilities and first time homebuying. Housing and Urban Development along with the State of Nevada plus non-profits like the Legal Aid Center will be at the workshop to work with homeowners facing foreclosure. The workshop will be in the Boulder City Council chambers at 401 E. California Street.

Assessor Expects Thousands of Property Tax Appeals

LAS VEGAS -- Southern Nevada home sales saw a slight increase last month, but prices are still much lower from what homeowners paid years ago. With new value assessments going out next week, people fear they may be paying too much for their property tax.

Last year, the Clark County Assessor received nearly 8,300 appeals. This year, the housing market is still bad and the Assessor says they will be swamped again with residents requesting a reduction in their property rate.

"We expect the same this year due to the economy and the falling prices of homes," said , Assessor-elect Michele Shafe.

Thomas Williams is here at the Assessor to appeal his property tax. His home's appraisal was $80,000 more than it's worth. He hopes to lower it by 20 percent.

"That's $500 plus that's in my pocket that's going to the county," he said.

BREAKING NEWS: Wind Advisory and Freeze Watch Issued

LAS VEGAS -- A wind advisory has been issued starting at 3 p.m. and lasting until midnight for Clark County and southern Nye County and a freeze watch will be in effect Wednesday night.

Winds are expected to be gusting between 20 to 30 mph and with gusts possible to 50 mph. There is also a slight chance of rain. The temperature will drop Wednesday and is expected to be in the 40's on Thanksgiving Day making it one of the coldest in recent years.

Check here for the latest Neighborhood Weather

A freeze watch is in effect from Wednesday night to Friday morning. Some neighborhoods could see temperatures in the 20's.


Cox to Offer Video-on-Demand Content Through TiVo

SAN FRANCISCO -- Digital video recording pioneer TiVo Inc. and cable television provider Cox Communications Inc. are making it easier for Cox subscribers who use TiVo's DVR boxes to watch Cox's on-demand video content.

The companies said Thursday that Cox's video-on-demand library will become accessible on TiVo's latest DVR, the TiVo Premiere, in Cox's major markets, which include San Diego and Las Vegas. The integration is expected early next year.

In the past, cable providers haven't integrated their on-demand content with consumer DVR products such as those from TiVo, so watching on-demand movies or television shows from Cox and other companies has been a cumbersome process for TiVo users.

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