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Mom of missing woman determined to find her daughter | News

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Mom of missing woman determined to find her daughter

LAS VEGAS -- The search is still going on for a mother of two who has been missing for more than four months.

Loved ones say Christina Montes disappeared on a hiking trail, but the National Park Service isn't convinced.

Now, a private investigator is stepping in to help and he believes there is more to the story.

It is a missing persons case to the park service, but to her mother and the private investigator she is working with, the disappearance of Montes is suspicious.

Until there is more evidence to prove otherwise, they believe foul play may be involved.

It has been more than four months since Florence Frazier saw her daughter.

“It has been really tough,” Frazier said. “She is very precious to us. We want her home.”

Montes was last seen on June 3. She was caught on camera at a Vons grocery store in Boulder City.

Loved ones say the 35-year-old Henderson woman was heading to a camping trip at the Arizona Hot Spring with her friend, 62-year-old James Edward Johnson.

Two days later, Johnson's body was found, but there was no sign of Montes.

“I don't believe that my daughter ever made it out of this park,” Frazier said.

However, investigators aren't convinced Montes ever made it to the park.

“This is a mystery,” spokesperson for the park service Christie Vanover said.

Vanover says the National Park Service searched the area for Montes after her friend's body was found, but ended the search on June 13.

After talking to several visitors and finding Johnson's scooter in a parking lot by the trail with none of Montes' belongings in it, the case is at a standstill.

“It's still open but until there is new evidence that points us in the direction of where to go,” Vanover said.

Just when she was feeling that the park service gave up, Frazier got a call from a private investigator offering his help for free after finding a flyer on his truck during a visit.

“It's a missing person and it's a mother that is missing her daughter,” private investigator Lyle Sharman said.

Sharman says he believes foul play may be involved.

“Based on what we're finding and the information we're finding, it's so solid and it's so intriguing that you have no choice but to go down that road and keep looking for it,” Sharman said.

Vanover confirms Johnson died from methamphetamine overdose. Frazier says her daughter did struggle with drugs.

Sharman says he is tracking down others in the drug world Johnson and Montes may have come in contact with and their stories aren't adding up.

“You can never imagine this,” Frazier said.

Sharman and Frazier say they believe Montes, a mother of two, is dead. And, they share a passion of finding out how and why.

“My family, we will never be whole again, but at least we'll have some peace,” Frazier said.

Frazier says Montes wouldn't have just taken off on her own because she told her family that she was going on that camping trip and she was seen on that video at Vons with her friend.

Red Rock Search and Rescue will search Arizona Hot Spring and Willow Beach area next Saturday.

Sharman is looking for volunteers to help find clues into Montes disappearance, to help contact him through UPIAZ@YAHOO.COM


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