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Lake Mead hits near-record low water level | News

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Lake Mead hits near-record low water level

 LAS VEGAS -- Lake Mead has nearly set a new record when its water level measured at 1081.10 feet, according to the Bureau of Reclamation.

It's the lowest level since the lake was filled in the 1930s and 148 feet below capacity. It's predicted the lake will hit 1075 feet on May 31 and then begin to fill back up in September when there are water releases.

The prior lowest level was reached on Aug. 13, 2014 when the lake was at 1080.19 feet.

About 96 percent of the water in Lake Mead is from melted snow that fell in the Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming.

The lake powers Hoover Dam which produces electricity to serve about 1.3 million people a year. Most of the power is purchased by California with about one-quarter of it going to Nevada.


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