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Truckers Celebrate Opening of Hoover Dam Bridge

LAS VEGAS -- The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge is now open to all traffic. The bridge quietly opened to traffic early Wednesday morning.

Long-haul truckers are among the happiest to see the bridge open. The old saying "time is money" is a way of life for truckers. Now that the bridge is open, the time they save not having to drive through Laughlin could save them enough money to keep them from going out of business.

The signs are now announcing the opening of the bridge. It's a sign that Samson Bolton and other truckers have waited for years.

"I'm an owner-operator. I pay for my diesel," he said.

Truckers will no longer have to head south to Laughlin to cross the Colorado River. The route across the dam has been closed to them since 2001.

"For somebody that runs that regularly, at five and a half miles a gallon, that adds up fast," said driver Bryan Stoworthy.

Lake Mead Sinks to Lowest Point in 75 Years

LAS VEGAS -- If you've ever been to Lake Mead, you've probably noticed the low water level.

Sometime between 11 a.m. and noon Sunday, it fell to its lowest point since it was filled 75 years ago.

Right now the lake is still eight feet above the level at which a shortage is officially declared and limited rationing could go into effect in Nevada and in Arizona.

The Bureau of Reclamation's is planning to increase the amount of water delivered to Lake Mead from Lake Powell, the big reservoir upstream, a step that could help equalize the amount of water in each reservoir.

Early Voting Begins Saturday, Oct. 16

LAS VEGAS -- Thousands of voters are expected to cast their ballot during in the weeks prior to the election.

Early voting begins on Saturday, Oct. 16 and lasts until Friday, Oct. 29. There are dozens of locations around the Las Vegas valley where you can vote at your convenience.

Click here for a list of all the Early Voting sites and times

Soaring Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Finally Complete

LAS VEGAS  -- It has been planned since the 1960's and under construction for five years. Now the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge is finally complete. The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge memorializes two of Nevada and Arizona's most honored citizens.

For Las Vegas drivers, it means a shortcut away from congested U.S. 93 on Hoover Dam. That is going to be great for long-haul truckers bringing products to southern Nevada, which could mean lower shipping costs. But for two families, this bridge means something deeply personal.

Former Nevada Governor Mike O'Callaghan's daughters placed flowers on the bridge dedicated in honor of their father.

"Many things are named after my father, but this is just truly symbolic. I'm truly touched. We're very blessed by this. He was a bridge builder," said O'Callaghan's daughter Teresa Duke.

Cyclists Given First Access to Hoover Dam Bridge

HOOVER DAM -- If you were driving around town, you might have noticed streets flooded with thousands of cyclists, all for a good cause. The Viva Bike Vegas bike ride was held and those riders had the chance to make history by peddling their way onto the nearly-complete Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge.

After more than five years of construction, the bridge will be dedicated next week. Many of the 2,000 riders at the event say they came just to see this engineering marvel up close and personal, and nobody walked away disappointed.

"It's probably never going to happen again, so I'm really fortunate to take a look at a spectacular feat of engineering," said cyclist Andrew Pinfold.

This was the largest turnout ever for Viva Bike Vegas. Cyclists had the chance to ride a 115, 50, or 23 mile course.

Ex-Con Gets Federal Prison in Hoover Dam Chase

LAS VEGAS -- A Nevada ex-convict was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for driving a stolen vehicle through Hoover Dam security checkpoints and trying to ram federal security officers, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.

Joel K. Parker, 51, of Las Vegas, was also sentenced Monday to three years of supervised release following his conviction in June for felony and misdemeanor assaulting, resisting or impeding a federal officer, U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden said. U.S. District Court Judge Philip M. Pro in Las Vegas tacked Parker's federal sentence on to a three- to eight-year sentence Parker received for his conviction in Nevada state court for breaking into a Henderson home Feb. 6, 2006, threatening to kill a woman, stealing her 2005 Dodge Durango and speeding toward Hoover Dam.

Lake Mead Cleans Up After Major Storm

LAKE MEAD NATIONAL RECREATION AREA -- A Lake Mead marina has been forced to evacuate it's residents after a rain storm did major damage there. Authorities say the Callville Bay Resort and Marina is temporarily closed for several days while crews work to clean up and rebuild.

The rain lasted only a few hours, but the mess left behind will take days to clean up.

"It's kind of overwhelming, but we are just trying to pick through it one piece at a time," said Matt Harvey with Forever Resorts.

Kim Roundtree, general manager of Callville Bay Resort, knows first-hand how bad things were when the storm blew through. She was there when it was happening and caught it all on tape.

"You just never would have expected it. You just don't expect those things. I've been in the marina business for a long time and I've never seen anything like that," she said.