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I-Team: No Sanctions for Boulder City Manager

BOULDER CITY, Nev. --  It was a jammed room filled with personal attacks and boiling anger Thursday after an I-Team investigation led to an emergency meeting by the council of Boulder City.

City Manager Vicki Mayes and her family came under scrutiny after it was learned they used complication rules to avoid Nevada law by registering an expensive sports car in Montana.

All votes to fire or sanction Mayes failed. Supporters say she and her family had been through enough. But as 8 News NOW learned, the public was incensed, but Mayes had powerful help all along the way.

What began as innocuous pictures about plates quickly became something more.

"I don't necessarily think it's about the vehicle. I think it's about what transpired after," said Linda Strickland, Boulder City councilwoman. Strickland pushed hard to terminate Vicki Mayes.

Boulder City Manager to Face Council About Car Registration

BOULDER CITY, Nev. -- The Boulder City Council has set a public hearing to review City Manager Vicki Mayes's job performance following news reports that she registered her vehicle out of state.

Councilwoman Linda Strickland sought the Sept. 9 public session after 8 News NOW found that Mayes and her husband registered their 2010 Nissan sports car under a limited liability company in Montana.

The move avoided what could have been about $1,500 in Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles registration fees for a similar vehicle registered in Clark County and worth about $83,000.

Mayes defended the Montana vehicle registration, but said she would re-register the car in Nevada. She's a former Boulder City clerk who was appointed city manager in August 2004. She makes $179,000 a year.

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Small Mussels Cause Big Problems for Lake Mead

LAS VEGAS --  Quagga mussels still infest Lake Mead and there's not much that can be done about it. But now, there's an increased effort to prevent the invasive mussel species from clogging up other Nevada lakes.

The small Quagga mussels are impacting the ecosystem in Lake Mead. You mix that with the lower water level, and it's changing the types of fish people are catching. The mussels are here to stay at Lake Mead. They were first detected at Lake Mead in January 2007. Within a year, they infested the entire lake.

"The main thing they do to the ecosystem is they are highly efficient filter feeders. They remove a lot of the plankton in he lake which is a food source for the ecosystem," said Chief of Resource Management Kent Turner.

I-Team: City Manager Will Register Car in Nevada

BOULDER CITY, Nev. -- The city manager of Boulder City will change the registration for her family's $83,000 sports car after it was discovered this week she avoided Nevada taxes by licensing the car in Montana.

Vicki Mayes and her family will pay the taxes owed to Nevada after all.

The story caused quite a stir in the tiny town of Boulder City and it also appears to have prompted the change.

Mayes issued a press release late Thursday afternoon saying she is held to a higher standard and the car in question will swap out the "Big Sky Country look" for rightful Silver State plates.

In the story that aired on Tuesday, Mayes gave little explanation about the decision to register the car in Montana.

Hoover Dam Bridge Set to Open

HOOVER DAM, Nev. -- Construction on the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge is moving along. The construction is expected to be finished in November and significant progress has been made.

Chances are, you've been stuck in traffic at the Hoover Dam. The road around the dam is full of sharp turns and steep hills, and bumper-to-bumper traffic backs up. But the new bypass is almost ready to open to ease that congestion.

The $240 million bypass includes the Colorado River bridge, officially known as the Mike O'Callaghan -- Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. 

Workers continue the finishing touches on the bridge that lies 1,700 feet downstream from the dam, offering a spectacular view of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

Visitors say they can't wait to walk on the bridge.

I-Team: Boulder City Manager Registers Car in Montana

BOULDER CITY, Nev. -- Nevada is proud of being a tax-friendly state, but imagine buying an expensive car, tax free. Thousands of people all across the country are going to Montana to buy and register their cars to avoid paying any fees and taxes in Nevada.

That appears to include Boulder City's city manager, keeping money from going to her own cash- strapped town.

The state is clear. If you live here and you work here, you have to register your car here. But the family of the city manager for Boulder City formed a Montana LLC to get around tax law when buying and registering an $83,000 sports car.

The 2010 Nissan GT-R, sits at city hall with license plates from Montana, but parked in the spot of City Manager Vicki Mayes. She and her husband own it, registered in a trust in their name. The LLC, Amayesd LLC, that shares the same name as the vanity plate on her Audi, is from Montana.

Family Learns a Lesson in Boating Safety

LAS VEGAS -- From the moment 40 mile per hour winds and three foot swells crashed into Ed Torrance's boat last Saturday on Lake Mohave, he knew it would be lost in the water.

Ed and 11 members of his family were all on board. "I think all of us said a quick silent prayer, and off the boat we went," he said.

For nearly 30 minutes, Ed and his family braved the strong currents waiting for help to arrive. He says only one thing saved his family from becoming a statistic.

"We had our life jackets on, they were properly fitted," he said. "Everybody had them on. That got 12 people out of the water."

Everyone from Ed to his infant grandson had on a lifevest during their trip out on the water. Ed's daughter Jennifer and her three sons were all on board and say without it, there's no way she and her infant son would have survived.