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New National Recreation Trail Designated in Nevada

LAS VEGAS -- Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has announced the designation of a national recreation trail in Nevada.

The River Mountains Loop Trail is a 35-mile, paved trail surrounding the River Mountains. It connects Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Hoover Dam, Boulder City and Henderson to the rest of the Las Vegas area.

The trail features interpretive exhibits and several views. It is completely separate from highway traffic. Salazar this week announced the designation of 31 new national recreation trails in 15 states. The designations add more than 716 miles of trails to the National Trails System.

National Trails Day is June 5. More than 1,000 trails have been designated, totaling more than 12,500 miles. The trail will receive national recreation trail markers.

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Clean Water Coalition Fighting for Money

LAS VEGAS -- One of the members of the Clean Water Coalition is asking hard questions, openly wondering if the agency is needed at all. 

The coalition was tasked with building an $800 million wastewater pipeline to Lake Mead, but the legislature took away the money for the project.

Former Clark County Commissioner Chip Maxfield leads the coalition.

"We've always had a mission and our mission is still on. Today, the mission is to focus on water quality," he said.

Board members voted today to approve $7 million additional taxpayer dollars for studies on Lake Mead minnows and mussels, despite not having any money to actually build anything to improve water quality.

Blasting to Begin in Lake Mead

LAS VEGAS  -- Workers will start blasting holes in the bed of Lake Mead this week to make way for construction of a $700 million water intake for Las Vegas.

Workers will be stationed on a floating barge and the National Park Service has closed part of the lake. Explosives will be placed by submersible robots guided remotely from the surface.

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Boulder City Police Crack Down on Underage Drinking

BOULDER CITY, Nev. -- The Boulder City Police conducted a sting to catch clerks selling alcohol to underage buyers.

Officers used two people under the age of 21 to enter the stores an attempt to buy alcohol. Employees at six stores sold the alcohol to the minors.

Those stores were:

  • Shell Gas Stations/Convenience Store, 1004 Nevada Way, Boulder City
  • Central Market, 1101 Arizona St., Boulder City
  • Vons 1031 Nevada Hwy., Boulder City
  • Sinclair Gas Station/Convenience Store, 1625 Nevada Hwy. Boulder City
  • Gas Depot 100 Ville Drive, Boulder City
  • 7-11 Convenience Store 900 Utah St., Boulder City

The clerks are facing citations for Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor which brings a bail of $637.

There were also several businesses that did not sell the alcohol to the minors and they were:

Postal Service Debates Scaling Back to Five Days a Week

LAS VEGAS -- In a bold move to save billions of dollars a year, the U.S. Postal Service is proposing to cut back mail delivery to five days a week. Opponents say it's an idea that could leave thousands jobless.

Representatives for the letter carriers estimate scaling back delivery could mean the loss of hundreds of jobs in southern Nevada. But, members of the Postal Regulatory Commission are adamant that it could save the Postal Service over $3 billion a year nationwide.

Rich Griffen was a mail carrier for over 30 years. He now represents the Nevada State Association of Letter Carriers.

"Regardless of what the postmaster says, they're going to go away through attrition or retiring. They are going to be laid off," he said.

Including 400 workers in Las Vegas. 

Members of the PRC held a meeting in city council chambers to generate support.

Census Workers Hit the Streets

LAS VEGAS -- If you didn't mail in your census form, you can soon expect someone to show up at your door. Nearly 5,000 census workers are sweeping through Nevada's streets to make sure you are counted.

It only takes take a few minutes to fill out, but each form has an huge impact on Nevada's future.

Only 69-percent in the state have reported so far, and now comes the tough task of counting the rest.

Workers statewide are doing what they can to count each resident. Ten simple questions could have serious impact on healthcare, education, roads and transportation.

"Our state is in desperate need of additional federal funding and this is going to help reallocate close to $400 billion worth of federal funds to our state and to our local communities," said Henderson census office manager Nic Kirmse.

Las Vegas Immigration Groups Outraged Over Arizona Law

LAS VEGAS -- Arizona's new immigration law has made that state a symbol for anti-immigration fervor nationally. Protesters smeared refried beans in the shape of Nazi swastikas on the state capitol's windows.

Opponents of the new state law say it will lead to racial profiling. Supporters say it will protect citizens from crimes of property and violence by illegal immigrants.

Las Vegas immigrant groups are gearing up for a fight if Nevada follows Arizona's lead. A group of Las Vegas activists just returned from Arizona. The group of labor leaders, students, preachers and politicians stood in opposition to Arizona's Senate Bill 1070.

"A number of us went to Arizona to stand with our brothers and sisters down there to support them in their fight against this. This bill is completely unjust," said Michael Flores with Reform Immigration for America.