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Photo Gallery | Boating Enforcement Out for Holiday Weekend


LAS VEGAS -- Close to 300,000 people are expected in southern Nevada this Memorial Day weekend, and to cool off, you can bet hundreds of them will be in boats floating around Lake Mead.

Park rangers say they will be out making sure everyone is playing safe. Game wardens with the Nevada Department of Wildlife say they have brought in extra help this weekend to not only watch the holiday weekend boaters, but to assist in any rescues or problems created by strong waves.

Karen Welden, with NDOW, says many aren't prepared when venturing off into the waters.

"All children under 13 are required to wear a life jacket when the boat is underway. It has to be one that is fitting appropriately, not like an extra large adult for a little kid," she said.

The life jacket should be tight so you or your child cannot slip through the bottom of it. You are also required to have a fire extinguisher on a boat.

There are officers from three different agencies that will be watching over the water and they say they will issue tickets to boaters breaking the law. Safety and enforcement will be the priority to ensure a safe holiday weekend.