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I-11 construction said to be key in southern NV's economic future

Photo Credit: NDOT

LAS VEGAS -- Interstate 11 has been touted as one of the keys to Southern Nevada's economic future, and on Monday, construction to build a portion of the $318 million road will begin near the Hoover Dam.

The Nevada portion is only about 15 miles long, but economists and transportation officials say those 15 miles will pave a strong economic future when it connects Las Vegas to Phoenix.

"Interstate 11 is without question the largest public works project that we have ever been involved with,” said Larry Brown, Clark County Commissioner, RTC Chairman.

The project managed by RTC and NDOT will bring a second interstate into Las Vegas when it loops south of Boulder City, connecting with the Hoover Dam bypass. It will eventually follow US 93 to Phoenix and three other interstate highways.

Park rangers expose drowning risks, dangers in lakes

LAKE MEAD, Nev. -- The weather is warming up, and that means many people will venture off into lakes to cool off.

"I'm just here relaxing in the sun and having a good time away from school and people. I'm just hanging out,” said Cody Snider, student spending Spring break at Lake Mead.

However, this is the time of year when a lot of accidents happen in lakes, according to Lake Mead park rangers, and it's largely in part to water levels.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area District Ranger Mark Hnat says people should pay attention to water levels because lower water levels make for a dangerous situation.

"With lower water, you never know where the rocks or anything are. It's dangerous out here, especially with big waves brought in by the wind,” said Snider.

Ranger Hnat says it's not always clear what's underneath the water surface of a lake.

Metro: Possible body of missing teen found at Lake Mohave

LAKE MOHAVE -- The Metro Police Dive and Rescue team, along with park rangers found a body shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Police told 8 News NOW they believe the body is that of a missing 17-year-old who reportedly jumped off a cliff into Lake Mohave to help another swimmer.

According to Christie Vanover, with Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the teen boy jumped from a 20-foot cliff at Nelson's Landing around noon.

A witness said the swimmer the teen helped made it to safety, but the teen never resurfaced.  The identity of the body found will be released later by the Clark County Coroner's office.

Rangers say the water in that area is 65-feet deep.

Bill would prevent smoking in cars with children present

CARSON CITY, Nev. -- A Nevada Assembly member is bringing forward legislation making it a crime to smoke tobacco in a car with a minor present.

Democratic Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle is sponsoring AB322, which was heard Thursday in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

"It provides protection for the health and safety of children who cannot protect themselves," said Assemblyman Sprinkle.

The bill will prohibit motorists from smoking tobacco or electronic cigarettes in a moving or stopped car if there is a child under the age of 18 in the vehicle. The proposal would allow police to levy a $25 fine against smokers breaking the rule.

"It's kind of like child abuse," said Kameelah Purdom, supporter of AB322. "You're smoking with them in the car; you're damaging their health."

So far, the bill has the support of the medical community, including the Southern Nevada Health District.

Swimming advisory issued for Lake Mead

 LAS VEGAS -- An advisory has been issued for Lake Mead and Lake Mohave because of algae and the health concerns that could be associated with it.

The National Park Service is recommending that swimming, jet skiing and water skiing be avoided in areas of algae.

Blue-green algae, which was seen in both lakes, was tested and showed microcystin concentrations.

Southern Nevada Water Authority said the microcystin does not pose a threat to southern Nevada's drinking water because the water is treated, but there are health issues associated with microcystin if someone comes into contact with the algae.

The health issues include rashes, skin irritations and gastrointestinal illnesses.

People are advised to not let their animals drink from the lake and avoid filling water tanks with lake water in areas with algae. People who come into contact with the algae should rinse with clean water.

Man indicted for alleged sex crimes involving children

LAS VEGAS -- A Boulder City man was indicted by a Clark County grand jury on charges of nine counts of lewdness and a single count of sexual assault allegedly involving two children.

Grant Howard Morris, who appeared in Clark County District Court Wednesday, was issued a summons to return to court March 19.

Prosecutors said the victims were ages 4 and 10 at the time of the alleged crimes. A defense attorney said Morris has no prior criminal history.

Lawmakers examine bill to create prescription drug use database

State lawmakers are considering a new legislation that will try to put a stop to prescription drug abuse.  Senate Bill 114 was discussed by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee Monday. It requires pharmacists in Nevada to develop a comprehensive database to keep track of prescription meds given to patients.

Should it get passed, Senate Bill 114 would also give physicians better access to a patient's information in regards to their prescription drug history. Legislatures believe this could help keep doctors from overprescribing.

Recovering prescription drug addict, Angie Johnson said she couldn't make it through the day without the help of pain meds for nearly 10 years.

"I was on Methadone, Morphine, Percocet and Xanax all at the same time, and I was getting the maximum dose,” Johnson said.

Johnson said they were all prescribed to her by her doctor. However, she said it was also a doctor who got her help after noticing she was abusing drugs.