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Newly released video shows Wayne Newton’s yacht sinking in Lake Mead

Newly released video shows the sinking of a ship owned by a Las Vegas legend at Lake Mead.

A National Park Service video, obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal through a Freedom of Information Act request, shows Wayne Newton’s 65-foot luxury houseboat quickly sinking to the bottom of Lake Mead last year after a salvage crew freed the damaged vessel from a covered slip at Temple Bar Marina in Arizona.

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Drain Hoses Blamed for Wayne Newton Yacht Sinking

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Federal investigators say the sinking of a yacht owned by Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton was an accident.

National Park Service spokeswoman Christie Vanover said Thursday that investigators traced the Oct. 18 sinking of the 65-foot vessel at a Lake Mead marina to the failure of two hoses to drain water from a rear storage compartment.

Vanover says one hose was disabled by a kink. Another wasn't properly connected.

No one was on the boat and no one was injured when the 1996 Skipperliner, named Rendezvous, sank stern-first in 45 feet of water in a slip at the Temple Bar marina.

Newton's sister-in-law, Tricia McCrone, didn't immediately respond Thursday to messages. She had said that Newton and his wife were vacationing out of the country when the boat sank.


Hospital More than a Tingle for 'Ghost Hunters'

Ghost hunters are looking into reports of the paranormal at the old Boulder City Hospital.

Whistling. Jangling keys. Tickling feet.

They sound less like the stuff of horror movies and more like ways a desperate parent might try to entertain a baby.

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Boulder City Mansion Making International News

Boulder City Mansion Making International News

A Boulder City mansion is getting international attention for its amazing backyard.

THREE million dollars won't necessarily get you a water view in Sydney but it will in Nevada - of your own private water park.

The $US3 million home, built eight years ago in Boulder City, Nevada, comes with a lazy river, 20-foot diving pool, water slide, waterfall, Playboy Mansion-style grotto and even a faux Western saloon to complete the gold-rush themed landscaping.

Candy Shop Cow Disappears, then Reappears in Unusual Spot

Candy Shop Cow Disappears, then Reappears in Unusual Spot

A fixture of downtown Boulder City is now back, but has yet to be placed at its post in front of Grandma Daisy’s Candy & Ice Cream Parlor.

The fiberglass cow that has stood in front of the treat shop at its current location on Nevada Highway and at its former location disappeared sometime after closing Sunday night.

Beth Walker, the owner of the shop, came to work Monday to find the 4-foot tall cow gone. Walker admits she didn’t notice the cow had disappeared at first, so It wasn’t until an employee asked her about the statue that she realized it was missing. After looking for the cow, the team at Grandma Daisy’s decided it had been stolen.

Its whereabouts remained a mystery until Tuesday night. A woman working at Nellis Air Force Base walked out of the mess hall late Tuesday afternoon, and to her surprise, noticed a fiberglass cow near a trash bin. When she heard about the missing Boulder City cow, she went back to the base to get it.

‘Remote Viewers’ in Nevada Help Solve California Murder

A Boulder City woman will be one of the featured speakers at a gathering of remote viewers. 

When practitioners of paranormal “remote viewing” gather here in June, they will enjoy a little more swagger than in the past.

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Boulder Highway's Name a Remnant of Dam Plan

Boulder Highway's Name a Remnant of Dam Plan

Southern Nevada's history is full of colorful stories, but one that most people are not familiar with is how Boulder City got its name. 

Most folks figured out a long time ago that the Boulder Highway is so named because it's the road to Boulder City. What is less obvious is how Boulder City got that name.

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